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About Inland Sea Language Services

Our philosophy

The Great Lakes region of the United States is one of the largest business hubs in North America.

The area is home to a highly diverse range of businesses, from heavy industry to IT and cultural production.

Moreover, as an inland sea in the heart of North America, the region provides easy access to the entire continent.

We chose our company name, Inland Sea Language Services because our unique location in the Great Lakes region and because we work with Mediterranean languages (French and Italian) reflects our understanding of the unique context of an inland sea region that is also a major global business hub.

We know that like the water in an inland sea, doing business across borders requires understanding the cultural nuances that underlie all cultural exchanges.

We believe that your ideas should flow like water, even when translated into another language.

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Pictured Rocks, Lake Superior, Michigan, USA
Jacmel, Haiti

About David, our founder

I have been working as a freelance French to English and Italian to English translator for 17 years.

I am a member of the American Translators Association (ATA) and a Certified Translator from French into English.

Before becoming a translator, I was an academic researcher and university-level teacher, and I also hold a PhD in mass communication with a focus on languages, and cultures.

As a researcher, I spent long periods living and working in France and North Africa, absorbing and learning to understand not just language, but also how speakers use it to communicate messages and express their cultural background.

This is an essential part of who we are as humans, and as such, messages promoting your business or ideas must not only sound right in translation, but they must also reflect an understanding of your target audience's cultural experience.

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